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ANOVA is specialised on medical knowledge management and patient triage. With the rapidly advancing complexity and sub-specialization of modern medicine and the increasing demand of patients to be treated by the best and most experienced medical specialist, matching between patients and doctors has become of crucial importance to assure optimal treatment results and patient satisfaction.

ANOVA offers the following services to its clients:

  • In-depth analysis of the patient’s medical problem.
  • “Matching” of the patient with the best medical specialist or hospital.
  • Compilation of a detailed treatment plan and cost statement.
  • Arrangement of all necessary support for the patient during the journey to Germany and back.
  • Organisation of medical appointment’s and hospital stays.
  • Arrangement of accommodation for the patient, his family and accompanying persons.
  • Translation services: Arabic, German, English (any other language on request).
  • Controlling of doctor’s fees and hospital charges according to the GOÄ (official billing standards for German doctors).
  • Arrangement of post-treatment physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Transfer of medical information and records between the German doctors/hospitals and the patient’s healthcare provider at home.

Patient follow-up after their return home; continuing supply with special medications or medical equipment; arrangement of follow-up investigations or treatment in Germany.